The Mongoose Maneuver

The Mongoose Maneuver

The Mongoose Maneuver Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for someone who is into the sport of mountain biking because it has all the components you need to maneuver in difficult off road courses and it is one of the most comfortable you can find in its price category. While you are riding on the comfortable seat of a bike that has a top of the line crank set, you will enjoy the smooth ride it has to offer. You can buy the Mongoose Maneuver on sale on Amazon through this link. It also comes with free shipping.

Mongoose Maneuver Tech Specs

This is a bike that has 21 different speeds, SRAM and a double suspension frame and will give you the speed and flexibility you need to get through your course and the smooth acceleration and shifting you need to swiftly and safely switch gears. The swift and sharp design makes it a great shock absorber therefore you are less likely to wipe out because this bike will smoothly get you over bumps while sparing your body the wear and tear you would get from other mountain bikes, and when you need to stop in an instant the front and rear pull brakes will be there when you need them the most. The lightweight frame helps you maximize speed and spare your strength while walking or transporting your bike.

  • Mountain bike with alloy dual-suspension frame
  • 21-speed Shimano shifters and SRAM drive train
  • Responsive and smooth design absorbs harsh bumps
  • Sure-stopping front and rear alloy linear pull brakes
  • Alloy forged 3-piece crank set; comfortable saddle
  • You can get this bike cheap on Amazon Here. Comes with free shipping.

Perfect for the experienced mountain biker looking for a cheap bike.

Overall, the Mongoose Maneuver Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is a perfect choice for an experienced mountain biker looking for the grace, style and flexibility needed to conquer tough and advanced courses and enjoy the outdoors comfortably and safely. If you think you have had good mountain bikes in the past, you are sure to love this bike and all of the great features it has to offer. You will feel exhilarated and care free as you ride on a bike that is built for safety, maneuverability, and endurance on the off-road.