GMC Topkick Bike

Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

GMC Topkick bike

    The GMC Topkick bike, or the GMC Topkick dual suspension mountain bike to give it the full title, is one of the most popular bikes of its type around.The reason for its popularity is that is a great price for an entry level bike that has many more advanced features on it than you would normally get for this kind of money. When choosing a bike you need to get one that is durable and good value for money. I believe that the GMC Topkick meets that need.

    So for people who want to try out a mountain bike but do not want to pay a lot of money, this is one of the ideal bikes for that purpose.

    If you then progress on to more serious trail riding, or want to speed a lot faster down the trails, then this bike will provide you with a good basic grounding on which to base your decisions for going up market in the bike world. There are, after all, a lot of mountain bikes out there. Without the form of low cost experience that the GMC Topkick bike provides, then it can be difficult, even confusing, as to knowing what your advanced needs may be when you really start to spend some cash.

  • It is built around a 26 inch full suspension aluminum frame for extra strength without lots of extra weight
  • 21 speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur and Microshift shifters
  • Frame utilizes a floating beam suspension design.
  • Up front suspension is handled by a Zoom suspension fork with 65 mm of travel, which is enough for most situations
  • Aside from the floating beam design, the heart of the rear suspension is the Kind shock which is adjustable up to 650 pounds.
  • V-shaped alloy rims and alloy hubs work together to provide lighter weight wheels that will be very strong.
  • Disk brakes from Promax installed in both the front and rear. Disc brakes have made the transition from motocross to bicycles and they have proven to be very effective in all conditions. The days of older brakes that squeezed tight on the wheels to slow you down are over.

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Considering all the features that this bike has, with the full suspension, the disc brakes and the Shimano parts, it is a steal at this price point. A shopper would be hard pressed to find all these features in a similarly priced bicycle from any manufacturer

One recent purchaser, Jimmy K from Boulder Colorado, had this to say: “Great bike, real happy with both the full suspension and the price. Much more comfortable than my old non-suspension bike.”

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