Hi biker,

Ever since I was two year old I could ride a bike. Back then it was three wheels of course not just two. Nobody taught me how to make the bike go, I just watched other kids and copied them. Unfortunately, I copied them using their trikes. This junior theft auto got me into a lot of trouble. By the age of three my dad had to buy me a trike of my own.

My first two wheeled bike was a hand me down from a cousin of mine. No sense in wasting a perfectly good bike is there?  I looked up to my revered older cousin, so that bike was as precious to me as any brand new model that I might have received.

Since then I’ve grown up a tad. Well, grown older at any rate.

In that time I’ve ridden all kinds of velocipedes. Track bikes, fixed wheel, road bikes, small wheeled bikes, mountain bikes, BMX and tandems. Yep, I’ve ridden the lot. All of them fun in their own way. Except for the road bikes perhaps as they were just everyday transport for getting to work and back for me.

Tandems are great if you have the right partner. I thought that two engines instead of one would make the riding easier and the speed faster. Didn’t quite work like that. The riding was easier. What we gained in engine power we lost in weight. Those bikes were danged heavy. Not all tandems are of course. Just the ones we had.

Anyway, much as I could go on all day about the bikes in my life, I better let you get to reading about the real stars of this site. The bikes themselves.

Enjoy your cycling. However you take it.