The Mongoose Maneuver

The Mongoose Maneuver

The Mongoose Maneuver Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for someone who is into the sport of mountain biking because it has all the components you need to maneuver in difficult off road courses and it is one of the most comfortable you can find in its price category. While you are riding on the comfortable seat of a bike that has a top of the line crank set, you will enjoy the smooth ride it has to offer. You can buy the Mongoose Maneuver on sale on Amazon through this link. It also comes with free shipping.

Mongoose Maneuver Tech Specs

This is a bike that has 21 different speeds, SRAM and a double suspension frame and will give you the speed and flexibility you need to get through your course and the smooth acceleration and shifting you need to swiftly and safely switch gears. The swift and sharp design makes it a great shock absorber therefore you are less likely to wipe out because this bike will smoothly get you over bumps while sparing your body the wear and tear you would get from other mountain bikes, and when you need to stop in an instant the front and rear pull brakes will be there when you need them the most. The lightweight frame helps you maximize speed and spare your strength while walking or transporting your bike.

  • Mountain bike with alloy dual-suspension frame
  • 21-speed Shimano shifters and SRAM drive train
  • Responsive and smooth design absorbs harsh bumps
  • Sure-stopping front and rear alloy linear pull brakes
  • Alloy forged 3-piece crank set; comfortable saddle
  • You can get this bike cheap on Amazon Here. Comes with free shipping.

Perfect for the experienced mountain biker looking for a cheap bike.

Overall, the Mongoose Maneuver Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is a perfect choice for an experienced mountain biker looking for the grace, style and flexibility needed to conquer tough and advanced courses and enjoy the outdoors comfortably and safely. If you think you have had good mountain bikes in the past, you are sure to love this bike and all of the great features it has to offer. You will feel exhilarated and care free as you ride on a bike that is built for safety, maneuverability, and endurance on the off-road.

GMC Topkick Bike

Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

GMC Topkick bike

    The GMC Topkick bike, or the GMC Topkick dual suspension mountain bike to give it the full title, is one of the most popular bikes of its type around.The reason for its popularity is that is a great price for an entry level bike that has many more advanced features on it than you would normally get for this kind of money. When choosing a bike you need to get one that is durable and good value for money. I believe that the GMC Topkick meets that need.

    So for people who want to try out a mountain bike but do not want to pay a lot of money, this is one of the ideal bikes for that purpose.

    If you then progress on to more serious trail riding, or want to speed a lot faster down the trails, then this bike will provide you with a good basic grounding on which to base your decisions for going up market in the bike world. There are, after all, a lot of mountain bikes out there. Without the form of low cost experience that the GMC Topkick bike provides, then it can be difficult, even confusing, as to knowing what your advanced needs may be when you really start to spend some cash.

  • It is built around a 26 inch full suspension aluminum frame for extra strength without lots of extra weight
  • 21 speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur and Microshift shifters
  • Frame utilizes a floating beam suspension design.
  • Up front suspension is handled by a Zoom suspension fork with 65 mm of travel, which is enough for most situations
  • Aside from the floating beam design, the heart of the rear suspension is the Kind shock which is adjustable up to 650 pounds.
  • V-shaped alloy rims and alloy hubs work together to provide lighter weight wheels that will be very strong.
  • Disk brakes from Promax installed in both the front and rear. Disc brakes have made the transition from motocross to bicycles and they have proven to be very effective in all conditions. The days of older brakes that squeezed tight on the wheels to slow you down are over.

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Considering all the features that this bike has, with the full suspension, the disc brakes and the Shimano parts, it is a steal at this price point. A shopper would be hard pressed to find all these features in a similarly priced bicycle from any manufacturer

One recent purchaser, Jimmy K from Boulder Colorado, had this to say: “Great bike, real happy with both the full suspension and the price. Much more comfortable than my old non-suspension bike.”

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Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bike Review

Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bike

If you’ve never tried one, a tandem bicycle can be loads of healthy, good old fashioned fun. Kent’s Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike is a great model for tooling around town with a friend or a significant other. It’s stylish, but most importantly it’s extremely comfortable. Not that you’d take it on a cross country tour or anything, but these cruiser style tandems are all about feel. Good news for those looking to buy this bike. It is currently on sale at Amazon for over $35 off through this link.

The Good Points
  • A very comfortable tandem bike – you don’t see that often in two person bikes.
  • One of the smoothest rides you can get from a tandem bike.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • The Bad Points
  • I have heard people saying there were problems with the gear shifter. It tends to be hard to get it to pop into the highest gear.
  • Hard to find depending on the season.

  • Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike Review

    The first big plus is durability. The Kent Tandem is solidly built without being too heavy or unwieldy, surprising for a two seater. Sailing on beefy 2 inch wide tires, its a stable and smooth ride but still responsive enough so that you don’t feel like you’re trying to steer a shopping cart while you’re biking. Thankfully, Kent didn’t skimp on components and kept quality in mind when they put this model together. The Shimano drivetrain and Revo shifters make it a breeze to switch gears. The brakes are also firm and capable without jolting you to a halt to quickly. Light alloy wheels trim overall weight and are guaranteed to last a long time without rusting.

    Another big plus is the easy assembly right out of the box. Not that putting a bike together is exactly rocket science, but the instructions are clear and easy to figure out. Kent has a great reputation for customer service and support, so if anything is amiss they handle the problem and ship you missing or replacement parts right away. Add to that the wide array of options for customizing it the way you like and you’re looking at a winner of a leisure bike.

    Want to buy this bike? You can get this tandem cheapest at Amazon here.

    Although more of a secondary plus, the Dual Drive Tandem just looks great as well. It’s easily one of the nicest looking bikes I’ve seen in awhile, with a classic, vintage layout that somewhat reminds you of the kind of thing people would ride in the 1950’s down to the ice cream parlor. It’s surprising how many people comment on it pedaling around the neighborhood. It’s tough coming up with anything bad to say about it, in fact. All in all, it’s a tremendous deal for a solid, quality bicycle you’ll have for years to come.

    Mongoose Domain Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review



    Buying a new bike can be a very difficult decision. For many people, money can be the deciding factor when it comes to which bike they choose. Other people, who may or may not be a bit more fortunate, care much more about the quality of the bike than how much it costs. The good news is that there are quite a few bikes on the market that will appeal to both crowds, being both inexpensive and of high quality. One of the best products in this category is the men’s Mongoose Domain. If you want to buy this bike, you can get it cheapest on Amazon through this link.

    The Mongoose Domain is inexpensive to say the least. While many people end up paying upwards to $1000 for a new bike, the Mongoose Domain can be purchased for as little as $180. This price point makes the product instantly attractive to anyone looking to buy a new bike and conserve a little money at the same time. The wonderful thing about this bike, however, is that aside from being extremely inexpensive, it is also of excellent quality. The bike has 31 speeds, shocks and a three piece crank system, all of which will to appeal to even the most avid biker out there.

    While this bike may not be for the ultra-experienced biker who is looking to upgrade his $2000 powerhouse, that is not the intention of the manufacturer. This bike is designed specifically for the beginner/intermediate crowd and will surely appeal to anyone looking for their first bike. The important thing to consider when looking to purchase this bike is to shop around. A quick internet search will pull up prices ranging from $130 to $210! Such a large price margin makes it crucial for the buyer to keep a watchful eye and be sure that he or she is getting the best price possible. Want this bike cheap? You can get it pretty cheap at Amazon here.

    Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike Review

    Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike

    Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike

    BMX biking can be fun entertainment for people of all ages and sizes. The Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike has a classic BMX styling, and is combined with a host of quality safety features making this a great bike for both track and street riders alike. It is the perfect bike to learn freestyle riding, show off your skills, or just to have fun with. There is a huge sale at Amazon for this bike. You can buy this bike for $140 off through this link.

    Let’s take a look at the specs of the Mongoose Spin

    • 20-inch BMX freestyle bike with handcrafted Hi-Ten Boy’s Team series frame
    • Handcrafted Hi-ten jumping fork; sure-stopping front and rear U-brakes
    • 3-piece tubular crank set, alloy 48-hole hubs, and A-head machined stem
    • 4-piece Knee-saver handlebar; 20-by-2.125-inch black Jumper K-Rad tires
    • Mongoose Jumping large saddle with stitches; lifetime warranty on frame/fork

    When it comes to the Mongoose brand name, you expect nothing but the best. Every component on this bike is of the highest quality. The Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike is crafted around a Hi-Ten Boy’s Team series frame and a handcrafted Hi-Ten jumping fork, the Mongoose Spin BMX bike is strong enough for trick riding, dirt jumping and off-road cycling.

    This legitimate freestyle bike with its light frame has all the components to give it the street credential it deserves. The bike features a shiny chrome finish and colorful graphics, lifetime warranty on frame and fork, Mongoose jumping large saddle with stitches, and mini-mag style wheels with puncture proof tires. The bike stops securely thanks to dual braking system, which includes rear hand brakes and a rear coaster brake.

    If you want to buy this bike, you can get it cheap at Amazon through this link.

    Whether it is your first BMX and you

    Schwinn Katana Road Bike Review

    This is one of the most amazing road bikes on the market today.

    Schwinn Katana Road Bike

    Schwinn Katana Road Bike

    When buying an entry level road bike that won’t break the bank, the Schwinn Katana road bike is a clear winner. This bike has an ultra light aluminum frame which reduces the weight and enables more speed. Some of the other features are a 14 speed drive train for choosing the correct gear for any uphill or downhill ride and an A050 rear derailer. The Schwinn Katana also has Tru-Vativ Iso Flow Alloy Cranks and custom paired spoke wheels for style. If you are interested in buying this bike, I highly recommend you buy it at Amazon through this link. They include FREE shipping.

    Let’s take a look at the features of the Katana

    • Entry-level road bike with ultra-light aluminum frame
    • 14-speed Shimano drivetrain and shifters with A050 rear derailleur
    • Tru-Vativ IsoFlow alloy cranks; alloy wheels and paired spokes
    • Ideal for morning commutes or casual city riding
    • Frame comes in 54 or 58 cm sizes

    Overall, fit is the most important aspect when buying a bicycle. The better the fit to the rider, the more often it will be used because of less strain on the back and shoulders. The Katana comes in two adult sized frames of 54cm and 58cm. To determine which of these is the best size for a cyclist, the rider must be measured. While standing barefoot, measure the inseam in inches. Multiply the inseam by .65 for bicycles that are measured center to center and choose closest size in centimeters. In choosing a bicycle that is measured from center to top, multiply the inseam by .67 and choose the closest size in centimeters. The correct size is extremely important for long rides and this issue is addressed with the Katana.

    Schwinn also created a winner with the Katana road bike in that it is so simple to assemble. The consumer only has to attach the front brakes, seat post, front wheel, handlebars and peddles and can be on the road in a matter of minutes.

    If you want to buy this bike, you can get it cheapest through Amazon at this link. Includes free shipping!

    The Schwinn Katana road bicycle is the best value for its price in the ultra light class.

    Schwinn Ridge AL Men’s Mountain Bike

    Schwinn Ridge AL Men’s Mountain Bike

    Let’s face it – Bikes aren’t cheap. When it comes time to purchase one, we want to be sure that we are getting the most bang for our buck, especially in this economy. I’m happy to say that the Schwinn Ridge AL Men’s Mountain Bike is one of the best possible buys in it’s price range, and anyone looking to purchase it should not hesitate. If you want to buy this bike, I highly recommend you get it from Amazon here. Comes with free shipping so it is probably the cheapest place you can find it.

    In this particular price range, you are going to get somewhat of a middle-of-the-road bike. Obviously, you can spend thousands on a top-of-the-line bike full of every trick in the book. Chances are, however, that if you are considering purchasing this bike, you are not looking for the best on the market. That said, there are plenty of features on this bike that will surely make any biking enthusiast happy. This bike is equipped with a solid aluminum MTB frame that will stand up to just about any type of abuse you can even think about putting it through. The SR suspension fork is another wonderful quality of this bike, as it is clearly built with a lot of thought and care put into it. The trigger shifters (with 21 speeds) are incredibly easy to use, even for a novice with little to no experience on a bike. Plus, the five-year warranty guarantees that no matter what abuse your bike takes, you’ll be covered by the manufacturer.

    If you are interested in buying this bike, you can get it cheapest through Amazon here.
    In the end, I would recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for a nice, sturdy, easy to ride mountain bike. Sure, it isn’t fully loaded with the bells and whistles you might find on a bike twice it’s price, but the fact is that those aren’t necessarily worth paying for in the first place. That said, happy biking, and just remember to wear a helmet! (more…)

    Hello All,


    Happy BMX Days

    I would first like to start by welcoming you to my blog that is about one of my favorite hobbies – biking. I am especially into mountain biking right now and I used to do trick biking as well. Unfortunately, after a couple years of practice, I realized that trick biking is not for everyone – especially me LOL. I have owned a Schwinn BMX bike for a couple years. It was great for beginning tricking, especially after I had done a few mods on it.

    Fortunately for me, my good friend introduced me to downhill mountain biking. To me, downhill biking is a great rush and is partly the reason I like it so much. The other reason I like it is because I have some friends who I can bike with. That makes it pretty sociable and a lot more fun. None of my friends were into BMXing so I ended up practicing by myself, which is one reason why it was so hard for me to stay motivated. Falling off a lot and breaking my collarbone didn’t help much either.

    What I am covering in my blog:

    While I am no expert in any fields of biking by any means, I am still pretty decent. I hope I can provide you some good biking news, articles, and tips. I am also partially focusing on bike reviews – the top selling brands, the best value brands, best BMX brands, etc. I have done a lot of research into which bikes are the best for certain things so hopefully my knowledge will be useful for you.

    Anyway, please check back often as I plan to update this blog often.

    Thanks for Reading!

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